Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Investment Planner – Investment and staffing benchmarks and related guidance (2004 to 2013)
  • Best Practices in Marketing Content and Asset Management (IDC #219418 and #219182)
  • The 2012 IT Buyer Experience Survey: Accelerating the New Buyer’s Journey (IDC #237207) (annual study)
  • How is Marketing Spend and Mix Impacted by Channel Strategy? (IDC #218479)
  • Best Practices in Marketing Campaign Management (IDC #213234)
  • Marketing Shared Services – Driving Innovation (IDC #217826)
  • Rise of the Marketing Operations Function – 2005 (IDC #34190)

Social Media

  • IDC: Social Collaboration for Sales: Cutting through the Hype (IDC #233340)

Sales Enablement

  • IDC: Sales Enablement – 90% Process, 10% Technology: A Best Practice Case Study of Sales Enablement at Oracle (IDC #230546)
  • IDC: Best Practices in Customer Intelligence for Sales (IDC #224520)
  • IDC: Leveraging Sales Enablement to Improve Sales Productivity: A Best Practice Case Study at T-Systems (IDC #232490)

Sales Productivity (select IDC published studies)

  • Best Practices in Sales Force Automation Adoption (IDC #237500)
  • Best Practices in Sales Pipeline Management (IDC #237292)
  • Best Practices in B2B Sales Methodologies (IDC #236236)
  • Best Practices in Preparing Sales Managers to be Coaches (IDC #227923)
  • Best Practices in Sales Performance Measurement: A Focus on Productivity (IDC #226727)
  • Best Practices in Account Planning (IDC #223295)
  • Best Practices in Sales Performance Improvement: Global Inside Sales Strategies (IDC #216773)
  • Top Action Items for a New VP Sales (IDC 232588)
  • Customer Enablement for Sales Reps: Helping Your Champion to Succeed

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